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We believe in order for any company to be truly successful, you must have strong partnerships and affiliates. We have designed a system for your company and ours, to benefit each other. Below you can select which program is best for you:

Affiliates Plans:

1) Click-Thru Cash: We will pay you five cents for every unique click-thru you send to our site. Simply place a small banner on your site and start making money today.
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2) Opt E-Cash: This is for our "Opt E-Lists" service. We will pay you 20% for every E-mail list rented through our system from a link on your site. Just place a small banner or a text link on your page, and when your visitor clicks-thru and rents a list, you make money. This is a fast easy way to generate income. Signup Today .

3) Opt-in Cash: Place a small text box on your site where your visitor enters their E-mail address to Opt-in for categories of their interest. They never leave your site and you earn fifty cents per person that signs up. This is an additional bonus, because they also register to win $25,000 dollars. So you could use it as a promotional tool as well. Signup Today .

Partnership Plans:

1) Referring Clients: For every client you refer to us which results in a sale, we will pay you 25% commission for that client and all future business with the same client. This re-pays you for the positive feedback about our company, that allows us to provide our services to more businesses, and you make a worthwhile commission as a strategic partner.
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2) Partnership I: Does your business offer a great product or service that we currently don't have, but you think our clientele might benefit from? If so, we can structure a partnership agreement that would be beneficial to both our companies. Please E-mail

3) Partnership II: Is your company ready to partner up with a great marketing firm to build it's brand and provide promotion for it? Would you like to share the percentages we bring in so you are only paying based on performance? If we feel your project has the opportunity to generate a lot of revenue from it's stastistics, we'd like to talk. Please E-mail:

4) Partnership III: There is a limited opening for qualified partners around the world. If you would like to bring PowerPromoters services to your country. You can start your own Private Label with all of our technology and services as a licensee of our custom in-house software. Note, this is only available to companies outside of the United States. Please

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