"Co-Location Service"


Here at PowerPromoters we understand the importance of your E-Business, and its place in your company. This is why we are making our network available to you. Reliability, redundancy and security are key factors in doing business on-line.

All networks are not created equal and can have a drastic impact on incoming and outgoing bandwidth transmission speeds. Our network was designed from the ground up with three things in mind: redundancy, reliability and speed. Our co-location is by far one of the best around because of the specific design.

We have Internet connectivity to eight (8) national providers: Cable & Wireless, Sprint, AT&T, Global Crossing, Genuity, Level3, GTE/BBN and UUNET. With four (4) paths to the Internet and our BGP4 routing scheme you are riding on a fully redundant high speed network. If one backbone slows down or experiences an outage, you are automatically routed to another. What's more, we have plenty of capacity.

Here is a graphical detailed structure of our bandwidth providers and how much bandwidth we have in our secure facility.

So if your company is shopping for a place to park your E-business, you found it. We will value your business as much as you do, because your business is our business.

We specialize in providing superior Internet connectivity to national businesses. This singular focus means with PowerPromoters, we have one thing in mind- your company. In fact, with PowerPromoters you won't have to be concerned with any aspect of your service. We provide true end-to-end management of your entire Internet solution, from professional installation and routing to the most attentive customer service possible. Service that begins with 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 day a year technical support, monitoring and maintenance of your connection. Below are our pricing plans for Co-location service.

"Pricing Plans"


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