How successful is your company's current
  marketing strategy? Could you use 1,000, 50,000 or
  100,000 new leads today?


Welcome to, your company's key to success. A successful company must have an effective marketing campaign, and the key we provide you is exposure, exposure, exposure.
This is where PowerPromoters can take your company out of the pack, and put it in front where you belong. We're the exposure specialists, with over eight years of on-line marketing experience. We know what it takes to create a successful e-company and get your company it's maximum ROI (return on investment) with our dynamic marketing strategies, online and offline. We offer an extensive range of options for all of your company's needs.

Here's a brief summary of our services listed below:

Bricks 2 Clicks

Our "Bricks 2 Clicks" program can give your traditional business a polished presence on the Internet. It offers a variety of services to guarantee your company's success in building a global image.
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Opt E-Lists

In the next 5 minutes, you could reach thousands of people interested in your product or service. All of our E-mail addresses are Targeted, Double Opt-in and updated on a monthly basis. If you want instant results and an explosive response rate, Click Here >>

Custom E-Leads

Has your company been looking for a way to generate new custom leads? Look no further. Our methods generate the best leads specifically for your target market, and will quickly increase your sales prospects. Click Here >>


OptExpress was developed in-house by our great programming staff. Webmasters of small sites to large corporate sites, now have a way to collect, manage, maintain and mail the custom Opt-in lists for their sites. No programming knowledge is required. Click Here >>


We have designed and implemented the fastest mailserver on the Internet today. This service is for clients who need to deliver high volumes of mail to their client database. Our mailservers can send out over 4 Million messages per hour on a single server. Click Here >>

E-Fax Casting

A service designed to take care of all your faxing demands. Our
E-Fax Casting system has a full reporting system, and can send out in excess of 500,000 faxes per hour. We have a targeted database of numbers or you can supply your own. Click Here >>


Do you have a Press Release that needs to get out fast? E-Release can do it! Within 5 minutes, it will be distributed to over 15,000 media contacts around the world and to every major publication in the United States and Canada. Click Here >>


Guaranteed media exposure in over 10,000 newspapers nationwide. We are not talking about classified ads, we are talking full column articles for pennies on the dollar. Learn how your company can benefit from this tremendous service today. Click Here >>

Radio Ads

Radio Ads are fast and very effective! With us, your advertisement can reach over 6,600 radio stations across the country. We get you maximum exposure for pennies on the dollar. Many Fortune 500 companies use this service and so can you! Click Here >>


Do you already run a successful business on-line, or are you just about to launch one? Our expert consultants can ensure the new business gets off on its best foot, and the existing business leaps over its competitors. Our staff's eight years of Internet marketing experience is a solid foundation to build your business strategies on. Click Here >>

E-Master Tools

This is a completely FREE section of our site provided for the convenience of webmasters around the world. You can submit your site to search engines, auction sites and other features to get you maximum exposure. We hope you like and enjoy this section.
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Do you need speed? We have plenty of it! Our connection consists of three OC-12's coming in from eight major backbone providers. We can beat any competitor's pricing guaranteed. No bandwidth limits. You get full access to our entire fiber optic network. Click Here >>

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