From concept to conclusion, our skilled Internet Business Consultants have your best interests in mind and work with you as a team towards a common, clearly understood goal for your company!

"E-Consulting" specializes in Internet Businesses: on-line and off-line marketing. Our internet business consulting experience includes strategy planning, application development, data management, interface architecture/design, internet marketing and more.

Our thorough understanding of internet business and its technology, as well as project management and promotion, are your keys to a well organized, focused, successful project. We make it easy to bring your business to the Internet, or enhance your existing presence.

PowerPromoters' success has been tried, tested and proven on many projects over eight years of on-line marketing experience. We guarantee that your strategic internet business goals will be achieved.

Our Services

Our services include consultation and implementation of the following:

1) Needs assessment
2) Internet market research
3) Internet business strategy planning and development
4) Product and production design/development
5) Customer relations management
6) Internet marketing and promotion
7) Performance measuring and reporting

Professional Project Management

Your company's project will never wander off-course, because we will actively manage all elements, making sure there are no surprises! You can expect:

-Clear and concise project documentation
-Realistic and obtainable timelines
-Understanding of all goals
-Risk analysis and management
-Resource acquisition and administration

Access to Specialists

These areas of expertise were added to our team in order to provide your company with access to specialists in:

-Needs Assessment
-Internet Business Strategy planning and development
-Internet Market Research
-Internet Marketing
-Interface Architecture and Design
-Application Development
-Data Warehousing
-Project Management
-Interactive Multimedia
-Performance Evaluation and reporting
-Customer Relationship Management.
-Risk analysis and management
-Resource acquisition and administration
-World Class Hosting

Your Acumentor Consultant possesses a thorough knowledge of all the above Internet business techniques and has proven experience in project management and Alliance resource utilization.

How We Work For You

1) You are of the utmost importance to us.
If you are happy, then we are happy. We strive to keep you satisfied by providing excellence in both services and products.

2) We want to build a relationship with you.
We want to get to know you, your company, your business processes and your industry. Learning is one of the benefits of what we do! By getting to know you, we improve our chances of fulfilling your needs, and watching your success.

3) We love what we do and so do you.
You just may not know it yet. Internet business is exciting! It's new, it's innovative, it's creative, and it's all around fun! We live in incredible times and are lucky enough to be a part of and influence the "business Internet".

4) We are accessible.
When working together on a project, we are always available as a source of information, guidance, and support for your team. We understand that the Internet may be a new medium for you to work with, and we're there for you.

5) We pride ourselves on:
Our listening skills
Our desire to see you succeed
Our willingness to go that extra step
Our communication skills
Our positive attitudes
Our ability to understand
Our motivational energy
Our exploration skills

6) We love feedback and would like to hear from you.
Good or bad - all comments can be put to good use by improving our services,site, products or through sharing with others who would like to know how you found working with us.

7) Your project is our project.
We invest the same time, energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and skill into your project that we would invest into our own. Our work ethics dictate that we are accountable and responsible for the success of your project. That's the way it is. That's the way we like it.

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