Do you have a large volume of mail to send out to your clients on a daily basis? Have you found due to the limitations of sendmail, qmail, or Windows NT/2000 that sometimes your mail isn't all sent, or your program is not performing to your expectations?

Never experience mail frustrations, again. We've developed
E-Broadcasts, the fastest mail service on the Internet.
E-Broadcasts has been tested against 20 of the top mailservers available and it out performed them all, hands down.

This service is provided only to organisations or corporations, and does not permit any "spam" campaigns. Any spamming associated with your company, can tarnish its online reputation, overnight.

Because the technology is our own design, we have decide not to sell the software,but we are leasing its service. There is only one service plan, of $1,500.00 per month per server for unlimited usage on our three OC-12's. We will customize the software for your needs and make it a complete hands free operation for your company.

Please fill out the form below if you have interest in this service.


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