"E-Fax Casting"

E-Fax Casting is for sending time sensitive messages or documentation to a large number of destinations, national or international. Fax broadcasting is the fastest, most reliable and cost effective means of communication.

For less time sensitive applications, such as direct marketing, Fax is significantly cheaper than mailing and generates rapid market response.

Our 24 hour E-Fax Casting service is the latest in computer-based technology, ensuring a completed task in minutes, instead of hours with a conventional system. Each copy arrives at its target destination in crisp, clear laser quality.

Documents for faxing - incorporating text, graphics and charts - are sent to E-Fax Casting by mail, courier, fax or electronically, and can be enhanced by our designers using the latest DTP software. Each fax can be merged and personalised, using your distribution list - either supplied for the specific broadcast or held and maintained by PowerPromoters for repeated use.
Broadcasts can be scheduled to take advantage of off-peak rates, or primetime response. A report is forwarded to you after each FaxCast.

E-Fax Casting is the ideal distribution method for applications including:

- Economic market reports and analyses.
- Investor relations and corporate communications.
- Financial Bulletins - transmitted every hour, day or week.
- Product and pricing news.
- Urgent press releases.
- Newsletters.
- Targeted Faxshots.
- Conference and exhibition organization.

Wouldn't your company benefit from the advantages of PowerPromoters' unique E-Fax Casting service? How about:

1) Guaranteed 100% delivery! That's right! Why pay for 1,000 faxes, and only have eight or nine hundred fax ads go through like many services?! Our fax lists are so clean we guarantee to deliver 100% of your fax broadcast orders!

2) Broadcasts can be sent during business hours only, when response rates are higher. Why risk aggravating potential customers by waking them at 3 AM?

3) Broadcasting lists can be targeted to match your needs! Why fax your income opportunity to a lawyer's office? Send it to people in your field - or to people who have requested information on products and services like yours! Fax numbers can be broken down by Network & Multi-Level Marketers, Business Categories, City, State, and Area Code.

4) Ads are sent within 24 hours! After we have received, discussed, and finalized an ad, your flyer can be delivered the same day! Why use other time and manpower consuming methods to get your word out? These broadcasts can generate cash flow the very next day!

5) We can deliver millions of faxes each month! No business is too large or too small to reap the benefits of faxbroadcast marketing. Corporate clients are welcome and it's also a great resource for local businesses and services, such as: restaurants, insurance agents, car wash coupons, health coupons, etc...

6) Faxbroadcast with the cleanest, freshest lists at the lowest prices! Be smart, shop around and ask questions. How many are delivered? What price? Is flyer design included? What is the average response? When are broadcasts sent?

7) We provide an 800 number for prospective clients wanting to be removed from your number database! This number and service is required from you by law when you fax broadcast. Ours is provided FREE of charge, so you don't have to worry - we do all the work!

8) We continually update our number database on a weekly basis to ensure your company has access to the freshest fax lists available! By the time you have sent your message to our current database, we'll have over one million new numbers!

9) Ask about our "Classified Ad" bulk flyers! For just $35 per 1,000 deliveries, your 30-50 word ad can be seen by thousands! Contact us today for details, sample ads, and availability!

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