E-Releases is one of the most powerful forms of advertising and marketing available today! Exposure from newspaper or magazine write-ups, editorial or product features is often enough publicity to launch small companies into multi-million dollar businesses and mid-to-large size companies into the billions!

Never underestimate the value of publicity! If you have a strong, attractive press release, and target the right markets, you get extensive and focused coverage. Our press release distribution service will guarantee your company a full E-Release service to over 13,000 media contacts via Fax & E-mail.

Newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, are on the lookout every day for new story leads. It is their business to stay on top of interesting products and services that will affect their readers, viewers and listeners. These media centers want to hear about your new products and services.

In today's business world, when you need to be heard, it is absolutely crucial that your company utilize the press and other media as part of your marketing efforts! The PowerPromoters marketing team can have thousands of media sources listening to what you have to say. Our E-Release service was created to enable businesses of any size to quickly, easily and conveniently launch new products and services or make major announcements.

Your press release will also be sent to all magazines on our publications list which are related to your company's products or services. We are constantly adding to and updating our E-Release database! E-releases can even be personalized and sent directly via Fax and E-mail to the appropriate editors, producers, journalists and reporters in these important media centers. No other service can come close to E-Release!

When utilizing the E-Release marketing service, your company's press release (we suggest up to one page of information - written in the style of a news article) will be sent to as many as 13,000+ media contacts and outlets around the world (primarily in the USA and Canada). This covers all major daily or weekly newspapers, electronic magazines and radio/tv stations as well as all magazines applicable to your business.

Our Personal Guarantee

If your company is unsatisfied in anyway with
the response from our E-Release service we
will resend your release, absolutely FREE.

We offer two different plans for E-Release campaigns. The Silver E-Release e-mails your document to 9,749 media contacts for maximum exposure. Our Gold E-Release faxes your press release to 11,324 media contacts. Our fax exposure has been proven to be the most effective, with the highest response percentages! Plan prices are:

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