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Marketing is the real key for any successful company, on-line or off-line. Marketing on and off the internet has become a new, competitive, revolution and resolution, for today's businesses.

We see this change as an opportunity to offer our superior services to any company or business that needs to get a fresh hold on the competitive edge. Not since the advent of the Internet itself have people pledged themselves so wholly and completely to their work, but never before have the stakes been so high.

Today's market is at a competitive peak. Keeping your company at the top, is our company's business. PowerPromoters offers tailor-made solutions and strategies to give you the extra edge. We treat every client's business as if it were our own. When you succeed, our job is done.

Our primary mission is to provide the best global marketing and business solutions. We are re-inventing the Next-Generation of marketing and pushing the standards to a new Dynamic level that businesses have been waiting for. The applications and solutions that we offer, mean any company can now cut costs and reap the endless benefits of the Internet, while re-defining the business process itself.

Executive Summary
Power Promoters, Corp. is a profitable S-Corporation based in Denver, Colorado, which conducts business under the name of Power Promoters. Power Promoters is the developer of the b2b, b2c custom marketing software and complete business solutions.

PowerPromoters is being recognized as a powerhouse in the marketing community, offering complete business solutions, worldwide. We have over nine years of online marketing experience and fifteen years of traditional marketing experience. Power Promoters continues to be a leader in the marketing industry with its cutting-edge software and business solutions. We have a talented veteran staff, who are leading pioneers in today's new advertising and business technologies.

The Company's solutions address the challenges faced by today's business retailers, services, manufacturers, and wholesalers/distributors looking to initiate or expand their presence and develop a relationship with their clientele in a complex and rapidly changing Internet business climate.

The Products and Services
Power Promoters provides businesses with a number of dynamic solutions, giving them a step up to success. Every service offered, is tailored to the individual client's needs, using sophisticated and innovative strategies that allow them to gain a competitive edge. We offer our business solutions both directly and through strategic partnerships.

In today's competitive environment, businesses are moving aggressively toward Internet technology to operate more efficiently, gain insight into customer behaviour, and reach new markets. Power Promoters services, answers these needs and provides a unique breakthrough in modern Internet business solutions. The creative business programs we offer can benefit clients anywhere in the world, who wish to introduce their company to the next generation.

Power Promoters has fully positioned itself as a dynamic marketing service consultant, giving companies the solutions they need to succeed. The company acts as a business solution center, which fulfils the demand for answers to the question of how to remain competitive in the present day market conditions.

Investor Relations Information
To request investor relations information, please contact:
Power Promoters, Corp.
Edward McDaniel
800.555.5555 x555
Email: investors@powerpromoters.com


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