We offer three great services to choose from, for placing your ad in nationwide newspapers. Each one is an effective way to advertise your products, services or company, and bring them extensive and valuable exposure.
Many large companies have used these services to build on their brand names and present themselves to the maximum possible markets. Some of these companies include AOL, AT&T, Coca-Cola, HBO, IBM, NASDAQ, Pepsi, Sony and the US Department of Labor.

However, ordinary companies found it impossible to access this service without going through large marketing firms and paying the price for it. PowerPromoters is proud to bring all of our clients these exciting options for a fraction of the cost charged by other firms.

Our three premier methods are described in detail, below. Simply click on the link that suits your company's interest and advertising needs.

1) Classified Ads - good, inexpensive exposure in over 5,384 newspapers with a circulation of 47,220,685. We can target by state, or plan nationwide ad placement. This service allows for a maximum of 25 words displayed in each newspaper -
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2) Display Ads - heighten interest by sending your 2"x 2" picture display ad out to over 3,496 newspapers with a circulation 26,642,675. This plan can also be targeted by state or nationwide placement. Display ads cost more, but are also more visible, and will increase your response rate drastically - Click Here For Complete Details

3) Full Column Ads - the ultimate in drawing attention to your business or product. This is by far the most effect form of newspaper advertising today, an article written exclusively for you, in over 10,500 newspapers including the top 100 newspapers in the United States. This method is used by many of the Fortune 500 companies in America, and it's now available to you and your company through PowerPromoters -
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