"Radio Advertisement"


Radio advertising is a tremendous way to get your company the exposure it needs. This is another effective form of promotion, because you get an exclusive 60 second commercial going to over 6,600 radio stations nationwide. This method is also used by many of the Fortune 500 companies in America, and it's now available exclusively to you and your company through PowerPromoters.

Here is how the process works:

1) Select the campaign size which your company would like to run as a radio ad.

2) Contact us by phone or the form below to work out a fantastic price for your campaign.

3) Provide us with the details for the product or service you want advertised on national radio stations.

4) Our talented writing and editing staff will create your advertisement for free, or if you prefer, you can submit in-house material also.

5) When the final draft is approved, your radio advertisement will be ready for placement in over 6,600 radio stations nationwide, to a targeted market.

6) All radio advertisements for your campaign, will be placed through our professional service.

7) Tear sheets are sent every 30 days, showing the stats that our on-line ad tracker gathers on responses and how many times your advertisement was aired on each radio station.

8) Your company will enjoy an unprecedented increase in exposure to new markets and potential clients, who might never have known you were out there.


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