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Investment Arenas

This page is designed to give you a brief overview of how and where we invest the funds we receive from your loans.  Keep in mind that we do utilize all of these methods, but we are not limited to just these.  We can and most likely will find more and more lucrative investment arenas over the course of the next few years.  Anytime we feel the need, we will update you on these newly found investment arenas.

Also, keep in mind that we will never disclose any company names that we deal with.  They have asked us to keep them as silent partners.  The only two names that will be disclosed are BeTheBank and our sister company, ValueNow.

Here are the Investment Arenas we will be utilizing:

Import/Export : There are huge profits to be made in the Import/Export business.  We know!  We are experts in this arena!  With loans from our investors, our purchasing power is going to increase.  With increased purchasing power, comes increased profit.  Not only that, we have established partnerships with other Import/Export experts.  Instead of competing, we have combined our forces! This, for now, will constitute at least 50% of our Investment dollars.

Wholesale/Retail :
This is where ValueNow comes into the picture.  We have established ourselves as leaders in the Wholesale/Retail industry.  We have contracts with many of the leading manufacturers all over the world and have sold to more than 25,000 customers over the course of our existence.  With increased purchasing power, we are going to be able to negotiate the best deals possible, and become even a greater force in the marketplace.  This, for now, will constitute approximately 30% of our investment dollars.

Off-Shore Trading :
This arena has become very popular over the course of the last 2 years.  Unfortunately,  there have been many scams that hide behind the "Off-Shore Trading" mask.  Let us tell you, for a fact, that Off-Shore Ventures are real.  There are legitimate Off-Shore Trading Ventures that do exist.  The only problem is that most of them require at least $1Million to become a part of.  That is, unless you have Investment Partners that go into the venture for you.  That is exactly what we have.  We have been involved in Off-Shore Trading for over 7 years.  We do not do it ourselves, rather we let our Investment Partners do the work for us..  While huge profits are there for the taking, with huge profit potential, comes huge risk.  That is why we limit the amount of Capital that we put into Off-Shore Trading.  In over 7 years, however, we have never lost money in a trade.  When BeTheBank grows to exponential heights, we will be able to look closer into this arena.  We will be able to establish trades ourselves, and thus be able to pick and chooses which Ventures we'd like to be a part of.  As of now, only 15% will be put into this arena, and we will invest these funds through our Investment Partners.

On-Shore Trading :
Only a tiny percentage will be put to use in this arena.  A few years ago it may have been a different story, but with the economy in limbo, we are choosing to stay away from this Arena.  Our Broker is very consistent and uses the latest, and best software available.  However, even he stated that we stay away from the market for awhile.  We do not gamble, therefore, we stay away from commodities and options.

Other :
Other profit building arenas will be utilized as they become available and as we become sure of the profit they can produce.  One for sure that we will be utilizing is E-Gold Funding.  With the influx of E-gold we are sure to get, we can make an increased profit distributing it to people who are looking to purchase E-Gold.  We know of marketmakers that move in excess of $1Million in E-gold per month!!  Even at a 4% profit, that is making some serious cash for such an easy venture.

While we don't promise the world in our loan percentages, we do provide security in knowing that the loans will be satisfied.  With the above mentioned arenas, we will have absolutely no problem meeting  our loan obligations.  In one above average month, we will be able to earn enough to almost pay that month's loans off entirely.  That is the full 6 months of payments in just 1 month.  It just simply will not be a problem meeting our obligations.  Give us a chance, we will prove it!


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