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Contact Us:

We will not be issuing our direct line due to the obvious fact that expanded growth = increased calls.  We simply cannot answer phones all day and night.  Please utilize our 866 - Toll Free number below, if you simply must call.  We believe that as membership grows, the number 1 place for answers will be the chat room.  Moderators will be there to answer your questions, plus my colleagues & I will pop in, from time to time, to answer questions. 

As for the voicemail that we will receive, we will decide which calls deem it necessary to warrant a call back.  For the others, we will update the FAQ, should we think it is worthy of getting posted, or send an emailed response.

You may contact us by using one of the following: 

Questions: mailto:Questions@WorldWidePlatinum.Tv

Comments: mailto:Comments@WorldWidePlatinum.Tv

Problems: Problems@WorldWidePlatinum.Tv


Leave us a message or send us a fax using the closest number to your
current location:

United States - 866-422-4881 (Toll Free)
International - 715-256-1114 

Make sure you do not forget to leave us your phone number so we
can contact you back, if need be. Thank you!


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