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We're Already Up and Running!!

It was a difficult task, but our programmers, designers, and we at BeTheBank.Tv, put together a difficult web-site in record time.  I really appreciate all that our Web-Designers have done and the speed at which they completed it.  At the bottom of every page is a link to their site at  If any of you are in need of expert web-design services, you need to contact Mr. Enache, at .  They are, by far, the best group we have ever worked with, and, WOW, are they cost effective.  Give them a try, you'll be glad you did!

We Need Moderators!!!

That's right, folks!  Our Chat Room is growing fast.  While we may not need moderators at this time, we definitely will in the near future.  That is why we are currently scouting the membership for moderators.  This is a paid position.  It is not going to make you rich, but it sure will beat working for free!  If you are interested in becoming a chat room moderator, please email us at moderator@BeTheBank.Tv and give us some information about yourself that would make us believe that you are right for the task.  We will then contact you and give you all the details.

8% Referral Bonus Promotion!!

For the rest of the month of February, we are running a special promotion!  You read it correctly.  We are paying out 8% referral bonuses instead of the normal 5%.  We are forfeiting our 3% administration costs for the month of February and we're passing them on to you.  This 3% will not be reflected in your referral section on the member's site, but will be added to your referral check.  Get out and Promote!!

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